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For all your electrical needs, call S.E. electric first S.E. Electric is an expert in electrical service, Servicing Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, Peninsula, East Bay and Tri Valley. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial, with over 25 years of experience. We hold several license classifications including a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering; our electricians are certified from the state of California Department of Industrial relations and Cal OSHA certified. We provide a wide range of electrical service from residential, commercial, industrial and photovoltaic installation.

Reasons to hire and trust the professional from S.E. Electric: Electrical repair seems like a can –do job for individual with a bit of know-how. But what a little electrical knowledge compared to several years of experience rendering electrical services. Working with electricity is no light matter you have to let a professional electrician handle the job.

For one, you’re putting your family and other’s at risk when you try to take on electrical repair when you don’t have the expertise and training.

An incorrectly installed electrical job poses serious damage. To have that piece of mind, call on electricians from S.E. Electric to render proper electrical services in your home or business.

For a free estimate, please call 510-451-2600 or email We’re licensed, insured and bonded with California Licenses Number 882880 A, B and C10 Call us now for free estimate and for us to know how we can assist you with all your electrical needs.

Our Services include:

  • Service Upgrade
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Energy Saving Lighting
  • Arc Fault Breaker Installation
  • Underground Wiring
  • Code Corrections
  • 120-277 V Installation
  • Traffic Signal
  • 3-Phase Wiring System
  • High Voltage Wiring

Submetering Panels

Seifert Engineering a leader in design and engineer submetering application for multifamily buildings, apartment complexes, condos and government facilities.

Submetering usually reduce owner’s monthly electric costs. Kwit answers that the rule of thumb is 15 to 20 percent reduction in energy usage and it can be substantially higher. There are government incentives for converting to submetering.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) allows a master-metered building to convert to submetering by installing meters (or submeters) to measure electricity in the individual apartments.

The utility company still charges the building at a bulk rate based on the master meter, but the building itself bills each apartment in proportion to its actual usage. And it may be of particular interest to some readers that the PSC allows conversion to submetering not only in co-op and condo buildings with total unit ownership, but also in those with a mix of owners and tenants (typically buildings that were converted from rentals.

For more information on submetering and how we can design your next project email